CJ Inspires Clothing Line for Yoko Ono
Posted 11/30/2012 10:49:00 AM

Oh, no. Ono is at it again.

Yoko Ono has recently come out with a new fashion line. The inspiration for her clothes comes from the late, great John Lennon and his "very sexy bod." That's a direct quote, ladies and gentlemen. Imagine all of these crazy clothes on Lennon's sexy bod.


However CJ has been inspired by Yoko just like Yoko was inspired by John. He still can't get over the fact that he was a model once, so we've created some sketches of the clothing line that we want to see Yoko work on next.

Drink it in, Yoko. Let his shirtless, hairy bod serve as the inspiration for your next big project.

"The Yosemite Sam"
- lack of shirt
- lack of pants
- incorporation of mustaches

"When Bets Go Wrong"
- vest made of chest hair he shaved off because he lost a bet
- cheerleading uniform shirt from when he lost a bet
- lack of shirt

"Sir CJ"
- obsession with Game of Thrones
- he made me draw him with a sword and a cape...see "obsession with Game of Thrones"
- lack of shirt

Posted By: Nicole  
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