Viral Junk

This man woke up at 2am to find his wife in the kitchen drinking wine, cooking and undressing. Video of 8TdX7i2lHd4
"In the Games, currently taking place in Glasgow, Nigeria's Segun Toriola (in the green) waited out Singapore's Ning Gao in the 41-shot rally. Gao threw everything he could at Toriola, from hammer-slams to drop shots, and Toriola hung in there. And Gao didn't throw his paddle at...
Only one man knows how to properly Fridaylujah. However, B-DOE is on vacation so we needed an extra spark to celebrate the coming of the weekend. You’re welcome. Video of XOEd8L4Hzz0
After all these years, a complicate glitch has been found in the original Mario Brother’s game that apparently gets you infinite lives. The glitch happens when Mario dies in level two, then Luigi dies while climbing the beanstalk in … okay just watch the video. Video of aSL3og5...
Some Russian editor has gone in and added selfies to our favorite movies. These are hilarious! Which movie would you like to see? Video of v3FqoxdBc8s