Viral Junk

Some people just do not like being taped in public! Add hawks to that list. Watch this aggressive bird of prey pluck a quadcopter right out of the sky. Video of AhDG_WBIQgc
This explains a lot but still… where does the penis go? No one (not even Christian Bale) can act away a hard-on. Video of CI8vry8ZOnQ
I am sick of being spoilers, bitching about spoilers and alerting me as to the presence of spoilers. It's time I spoil all the fun with my list of Spoiler of all Spoiler Alerts. - Unbreakable : Samuel L. Jackson caused the train wreck - Soylent Green is People? - Planet of the...
Florida Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton was hit by a pitch fast enough to initiate time travel. The ball was heaved from the hand of the Brewers Mike Fiers at 88 miles per hour. According to CBS, he was treated for facial lacerations, multiple facial fractures and dental damage...
Prepare to have your ears and nose BLOWN OUT! A new genre of metal is taking the scene by storm! It’s called Flatulencecore, Sludge Gas or more commonly: Fart Metal. Here is the first known music video of its kind: Video of Qj1JnOd7c9M
Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J sat down with Kids Interview Bands to answer the hard hitting questions about the road, music and life. Video of PIsoZx8Ccmo
Why would you do that? Poor fish. You are just doing what you are told and poking some poor little fish :(
Have you ever wondered why the barista always spells your name wrong? Well, there is a perfectly good reason behind it… It's because they are fucking with you. That was the joke from a video we will never see. Sorry. Video was removed because YouTube sucks and BMG Management are...