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Austin Pilot Goes on a Crazy Rant

A pilot showed up for duty out of uniform and then jumped on the p/a before her plane was set to take off from ABIA this weekend. What was so important? She had to rant about the President, her ex husband and safe spaces. Thankfully, she was escorted off and the flight took off without too much of a delay (only two hours).

"‘Sorry I’m late, I’m going through a divorce': United Airlines pilot is removed from flight from Austin to San Francisco after 'ranting about her break-up, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton' over the intercom.

United flight 455 was scheduled to depart Austin–Bergstrom International Airport at 5:02pm on Saturday 
But it was delayed for more than two hours after an unidentified female pilot went on what passengers described as a 'rant'

She went into the cabin wearing 'street clothes' and talked to passengers"

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