Guns and Explosions

follow @klbj937 This is perhaps, the most amazing culinary innovation in the history of 'Murica. This wonderful patriot has attached foil and bacon to the end of an M-16. HTe result is perfectly cooked pork. Although it's not the most efficient way to cook bacon (about $60 of...
If you ever end up with a surplus of giant gummy bears, guns and liquid nitrogen; we've found a fun new hobby for you! Warning: you might end up on the NSA watch list.
It's being called the ultimate bullet. The RIP round from G2 Research combines aerodynamics, lethal accuracy, firepower with boner inducing destruction. Pick up a few rounds with some extra Turkey's this Thanksgiving and have fun making a mess of your meal and pants.
Have you ever seen anything more patriotic than this? This man is playing the Star-Spangled Banner using a rifle and a few music targets. 'Murica!
This is intense! A Marine took a direct hit to the helmet from a supposed Afghan Sniper. According to the YouTube video: "Marine Survives Sniper Headshot In Afghanistan | Close Call On Helmet Cam. U.S Marine survives a non-fatal headshot by taliban sniper in Afghanistan. Luckily...
"Shooting a Benelli M2 with nine rounds using the brand new SilencerCo "Salvo" 12 gauge suppressor. I know I said eight rounds in the video, but it's nine. Shot fast to see if the suppressor could keep up."
The MG42 was known as known as "Hitler's Buzzsaw". The only break our boys got was every few minutes when the German gunners would have to change out the barrell.