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The Hot 100

FHM's Hottest Babes in the World

FHM just released their yearly list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. After glancing at the list and doing some, uh, research, we picked a few of our favorites.

Alexandra Daddario

She was the object of affection in Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive video but it was her role in True Detective that caused waves of wet dreams.

Christina Hendricks

As if the red hair wasn’t enough, she is also an amazing actress on Mad Men!

Michelle Keegan

She’s number two on the list but number one in the hearts of the empire. Keegan is the unofficial sexiest women in the UK.

Hayley Williams

She might be more famous for her Twitter ‘nip-slip’ than her band Paramore but we still think she rocks harder than most men – while looking incredible.

Nathalie Emmanuel & Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones has no shortage of babes, even in Essos. Just check out these two:

Pippa Middleton

Speaking of royalty, this English party planner not only has the coolest job ever but perhaps the most famous sister in the world.

Taylor Momsen

Cindy Lou Who is all grown up and she rocks so hard you will probably go blind. We were lucky to have had Momsen grace the KLBJ studies with her beautifully dark presence.

Meagan Good

The women who stole Ron Burngundy’s heart deserves a spot on any hot list! She’s also incredibly attractive so it’s a non issue.

Emma Watson

Look who is all grown up! As creepy as that sounds, Watson has blossomed into quite the lovely adult and has become the object of fantasy to many men, not just the Harry Potter nerds.

Kate Upton

Do we really need to write anything here? You are familiar with this station and our collective obsession right?

Gemma Atkinson

She was a surprise dark horse and relative unknown back when we did the Best Breast Bracket (we’re a rock station, deal with it). Gemma has since continued to steal the hearts of men outside the UK.

Mollie King

The name alone says it all. Everyone, at every concert and party is always looking for her!

Rachel Riley

Another Brit of note serves as the presenter (English for Radio/TV Host) for the popular show Countdown. Riley is more than a pretty face on the telly, she “hardcore” studied math at Oxford.

Sandra Bullock

Austin’s first lady is still making blockbuster films and making men fall in love. I heard she just turned 21 so look for her out on 6th Street.


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