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Check Your Balls!

Get Ready To Pub Crawl With Testicular Cancer Foundation, And MORE!

Did you know Testicular Cancer is most common in Men ages 15-35? That’s crazy! Did you also know that if Men give themselves regular checkups, they can save themselves costly treatments and maybe even their lives? Matt Ferstler (founder/CEO) and Jessica Karlsruher (Development Director) of the Testicular Cancer Foundation tell you all about these crazy facts, and MORE!

Matt was diagnosed with TC at age 22 and has been on a mission to educate the public and support individuals going through diagnoses with the Testicular Cancer Foundation ever since. Hear his inspirational story, and find out how you can help spread the word about checking your balls, raise money for TCF at their upcoming Pub Crawl, and how you could have TCF come to your business to educate your employees on how to check yourself and the importance of doing that once a month.

If you were wondering how to 'Check Your Balls' properly, and needed it in animation form, I have you covered!

Listen to some survivors tell you why it's important to, "Man up and check em"!


See you at the Pub Crawl! Enjoy responsibly as you raise awareness for nuts, Rowdy Rockers!


Follow them on TWITTER and Facebook to spread the word about TC!

Blood Donations Are Always Low During The Summer Month's. Hear How You Can Help The Blood And Tissue Center Of Central Texas Keep Pace With Demand!

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