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5th Annual Care To Dance Performance Showcase

Help benefit Leap of Joy 5/21 at the Boyd Vance Theater
photo: Leap of Joy

Leap of Joy's mission is to "give at-risk youth empowerment through dance and performance arts." For over 10 years this non-profit has been providing that service to the youth of Austin for free. They are currently in 14 AISD Title 1 schools and have hundreds of kids in their programs. On May 21st Leap of Joy is hosting their 5th Annual Care to Dance Performance Showcase at the Boyd Vance Theater. It's a great time to see all their kids show off their skills and help raise money for Leap of Joy.


Danielle, from Leap of Joy, stopped by Local Insights to tell you all about the big showcase coming up May 21st at the Boyd Vance Theater. She also lets you know how to get your child involved with Leap of Joy if it's in your school, and how to get Leap of Joy into more schools around Austin. Suggested donation for the show is only $5, so get out there and help support this creative nonprofit. Spread the word!

If you'd like to find out if Leap of Joy is in your school, or how you can help them, click HERE.

Get your tickets TODAY for the 5th Annual Care to Dance and help benefit Leap of Joy!

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