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The Story of Santana's Woodstock Trip

As Santana prepares to Rock Austin let's remember their epic trip

It was around eleven in the morning when Carlos Santana arrived at Woodstock and took a handful of mescaline. The band was not playing until 8pm, however their set had been moved up to two o’clock.

Carlos, peaking, took the stage several hours early and proceeded to battle his guitar, which had morphed into a giant snake.

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“When we first got there, around eleven in the morning, they told us we weren't going on until eight," he told Rolling Stone in 1989. "So I said, 'Hey, I think I'll take some psychedelics, and by the time I'm coming down, it'll be time to go onstage and I'll feel fine.' But when I was peaking around two o'clock, somebody said, 'If you don't go right now, you're not gonna go on.'"

He bravely took the stage and played an amazing set, though if you watch the video, it's a little obvious he's on something.


Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Album 1969)
Woodstock Music Festival 1969, New York USA
Carlos Santana - Guitar
Gregg Rolie - Keyboards, Organ
David Brown - Bass
Michael Shrieve - Drums
Michael Carabello - Percussion, Congas
Jose Areas - Percussion, Congas


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