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Sting Gives Props to KLBJ

There are many legends and tall tales told within the walls of our heritage radio station. From Lady Bird's secret tunnel, to glitter gulch, the missing time capsule and many more. One story, which involves KLBJ making the Police "famous", was recently proven to be true! Sting appeared on Howard Stern and told the story of Roxanne.

Our GM, Bruce Walden added:

"Tom Quarles (TQ) was the one that first played that song on KLBJ-FM. He was also the first person I saw in the building the first night I went on the air for Hicks Communications (yes, Steve Hicks) as an announcer for KEYI-FM (now BOB-FM!) in 1982. He had never seen me before and he thought I had broken into the building in some way. Tom worked in Austin for many years as an announcer, an agency partner (the “Q” in MQ&C), and in production for us and KASE/KVET. He passed away about 10 years ago (or so).
To further drag this story out, I have seen The Police/Sting at least 3 times in Austin, and I am pretty certain that he repeated this same story each time before singing Roxanne…always thanking KLBJ-FM for being first to take the chance on the single in the US. Never heard him say “WLBJ” though, I always heard “KLBJ”."


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