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Our Fifty Finest Moments of 2017: Part Two

Behold, the Top 25 Moments of our Year

Wow. Just when we thought 2016 was the absolute worst year in existance, 2017 came around and smacked the shit out of us! Our station has had a lot of growth and big changes in 2017 but hopefully we were able to entertain you, rock you, and just maybe - provide you with a nice distraction from the annoyances of everyday life during this hectic year.

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25) CJ Morgan Got A New Sword

Perhaps the biggest moment of the year for our evening radioman came when he got new sword in January (it all went downhill after that).


24) Chuy Speed Dating II

Last year, we tried to find Chuy love. It didn’t work. So we tried again! 

Chuy Speed Dating II

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Speed Dating


23) Lizard Lady, Sattelite Radio, and Friends!!! Prank Calls

Captain Morgan recorded a few decent prank calls this year. 

I received a phone call from a telemarketer and ended up finding a new friend.


Not sure what happened during this sales call, but somehow the representative on the other end of the phone failed to prove who she was... or wasn't!


I have been getting a call from a number in Slaton, Texas every day for a few weeks. Finally decided to call them back (while at work) and was excited to get a hold of a competitor, satellite radio.


22) Carissa Talks to the Fans II

Our little darling got to know the fans at our live podcast. You wont believe what they had to say about us!


21) Sound Effects VOL. IV

More of your favorite sound drops made it to the web!


20) So Many Wonderful Guests!

We had a lot of new and old friends pop by the studio this year. Here is a photo gallery with just a few of the big names to grace our studios in 2017. 

DBM Show 2017 Guests

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Ray Benson and Dale Watson
Photo by: 
Dale and Ray perform for the gang.


19) B-DOE Takes Balls to the Face

B-DOE is known for sacrificing his body in the name of entertainment. Which is why he let a professional volleyball player spike balls in his face. 

Amanda Dowdy stopped by my studio to talk AVP, the Austin Open, what's it's like to be a professional volleyballer, and show off some of her spike skills... to my face.


18) Mr. P. Unboxing Goes Viral on Facebook

The most important thing about the radio is the Internet. In 2017 we are making an effort to support marketing with viral videos. Well, CJ and Mr. President made one making fun of the entire concept THEN IT WENT VIRAL AND THE CLIENT WANTED MORE VIDEOS.


17) Pineapple Pin Prank Call

Dan started the year ON FIRE with this prank call.


16) KLBJ Presents the Eric Tessmer Band

Rowdy Rockers have long known about the face-melting abilities of the Eric Tessmer. Finally, more Austinites were exposed to the rock legend in making’s music when KLBJ Presented the Eric Tessmer Band at the Mohawk.

15) RAE is BAE

The 2017 JIT Tournament ended with one of our fan favorites taking the hypothetical crown. Fox 7’s Raeann Christensen was always a fun guest to have on-air and the only person besides Daniel# to earn a hashtag (#raeisbae).


14) Another Monster of a SXSW for KLBJ

We came, we rocked, we were hung-over. For the second straight year, KLBJ and Shady Grove teamed up to bring several bad ass Austin acts to rock on stage, for you, for free.

SXSW 2017

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Bud Light Toast
A Bud Light Toast from CJ Morgan

13) Ricky Williams

After a controversial run-in with the Tyler Police Department, Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams came on the Dudley and Bob with Matt Show to discuss his ordeal.


12) Pop Squirrel

Like a shooting star, another character comes and goes.


11) Dopey

Every year there are countless listeners that try to get under our skin… but not everyone becomes a sound drop. This is just one example of the many idiots to call in and try to make their mark*

*make us mad.

10) No Control Comes to KLBJ

The Rock of Austin got a little heavier when metal was poured deep into our soul. After being unbound, the dark metal lord, Chiggity Chuck found a home where he should have lived all along.


9) Sean Young Takes the DBM Show 'Viral'

One of our most exhilarating interviews turned out to be fun fodder for the tabloid press. Movie star Sean Young came on the show and bared all in a no holds barred interview involving her experiences with Hollywood creeps.


8) The Creepy Pee-Pee

Sometimes the best moments on-air happen when all of us are in the studio. While educating our young intern on love, we were all introduced to a new character: the creepy pee-pee.


7) Danielism Alexa Skill

As technology continues to advance, so do we. Thanks to #Warrrior Richard Goodwin, the endless list of Danielisms is now and Alexa Skill.



6) B-DOE Takes on Another Role

You can’t spell “rock” and “Austin” without these four letters: B-D-O-E.

For over a decade, he has been the literal embodiment of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Disc Jockey and part of the backbone of KLBJ. Recently, B-DOE took another huge step taking over as Marketing Director for KLBJ. That means your brother B-DOE, Austin’s Rowdiest Rocker, is now in charge of promotions and events for the station of which he is the rock star spirit.


5) Ron Bennington Live Sideshow

The 2017 Moontower Comedy Festival kicked off with a live #Sideshow Podcast. Our guest of honor, was the one and only Ron Bennington! The sold out event was just the start to a social media friendship amongst our groups that continued throughout the year.


4) Listeners Come Through For Charity

Our listeners came through, once again, to help out our community. Emmis helped raise over $50,000 in cash and donations for victims of hurricane Harvey and nearly $10,000 for Dudley and Bob with Matt’s Breaking and Entering Christmas (these are just two examples).

3) 25th Anniversary Party

All year long, whispers and pessimistic gestures had suggested there might not be much of a celebration (if any) for Austin’s longest running morning show.
Much to the chagrin of Dale and Bob ;) co-host Matt Bearden and local Yoko Amanda Dudley were already planning something incredibly special.

The Dudley and Bob Show’s Twenty Fifth Anniversary took place in August at the historic Paramount Theater. The star-studded event was a sellout and feature a mix of comedy and music from Bob Schneider, Martha Kelly, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, Charlie Sexton, Chris Cubas, Johnny Goudie & Benjamin Hotchkiss, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, and Mike Macrae.

The night concluded with an all-star ensemble singing Born To Run together in front of the eager audience.


The Dudley and Bob 25th Anniversary Gala - Show

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The Dudley and Bob 25th Anniversary
Photo by: 
Glen Brown


2) Miles

Miles was the unspoken mascot of KLBJ. The same month his father started a full-time gig on-air, was the same month Miles became paralyzed (from Intervertebral Disk Disease). Since that day in 2011, that little wiener has been coming to the office and doing everything from pooping on chairs, to biting guests, and capturing the hearts of millions (okay, hundreds).

KLBJ listeners donated thousands of dollars TWICE to save Miles when IVDD struck in his neck. Miles was an everyday part of KLBJ life. In April it became too much…
Once again, everyone pitched in to help Miles find peace.
On May 11th, the decision was made to let that grubby little Gumbo go. Dale started the show asking for $500 to cover the cost of the ‘service’. By the end of the show, $4,000 had been raised.


"Miles is my best friend in the entire world. We spend almost every hour of every day together. He's been with me since graduating from college, he's been with me every night in the studio since I was hired to be on-air at KLBJ (same month he became paralyzed) and he's come with me on so many grand adventures. He's also been there with me through some of my darkest times and I have no doubt that without Miles I would not be alive (literally - one SXSW he woke me up as I was choking on my own puke). My little gumbo was a true character and I know he was beloved by so many of you (and probably bit some of you too)! This morning it was time to let him go. He was in great spirits, got to eat a burger, chew on some toys and relax in the back yard. Even after the injection his heart kept beating because he's such a fighter. They say your animal will let you know and I'm not sure that's a real thing - but I do know we had a really good run (well drag) and we did the right thing. Things are not going to be the same without him but I will always love him."



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AFHC Photoshoot

01) Jackin It Dudes

Never before has there been a closer group of friends. Six people came together to form this elite collection of masturbatory men (keep scrolling to see actual nudes of Dale).








1) Carissa Leaves the Show

For almost a decade, she has been the unofficial female voice of KLBJ. Carissa was a wonderfully sweet (yet always sick) and complicated person. During the course of her tenure she has endured more than most ever had to in the workplace. Her life’s story was played out live on air. She went through a breakup. She quit drinking. She even survived AIDS. Carissa was a powerful force for KLBJ and a huge part of the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show. Like all great personalities, she leaves behind a hole that can never be filled. We miss you and wish you the best Carissa, wherever you might be!


For seven years, Carissa has been the wacky assistant producer and sidekick on the Dudley and Bob with Matt Show. She has amazed us with her ridiculous comments and occasional exaggerations.

Her love for animals was sometimes nauseating as was her stretching and descriptions of her stomach problems. She's showed us her heart and lady parts. Carissa took more poops on the clock than she did cigarette breaks.

She's had AIDS, can't have kids, suffered from early onset Alzheimer's, sleep paralysis, migraines, scoliosis, cancer, IBS, Crones, anxiety, an eating disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar, rickets, and tuberculosis just to name a few…

This is a person who left the station off-air for hours TWICE, quit drinking FOREVER, and STILL manages to fall asleep on-air.

Carissa Jaded McAtee was an integral part of the show during its current heyday. We are going to miss her voice, her stupid dancing, that ridiculous fake crunchy laugh, those kinda-lies, the STEVIEs, her crystal charged positive energy, the misspelled blog titles, hot in-studio yoga, circle of fear fueled friendships, tea tree oil smells, celebrity hovering, and most of all her voice.

We are really going miss hearing our friend every morning. We have fought, cried, and grown together.




Every Picture of Carissa Ever

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