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The All New KLBJFM.com

Check out the new website and features

You may have noticed our new look.  We were wearing that old site for a while and it was starting to get itchy. Don’t worry, all the same characters are here.  Here’s what some of the KLBJ family had to say about the new site:


“There’s a new site…?” - Dale Dudley

“A nice place for all my wiener pictures.” - CJ Morgan

"Get outta here, I’m in the bathroom!” - B-DOE


See! They love it! So take a look around and enjoy yourself.  We have all the things you’re used to and get ready for some new features you’re going to love! 

We want to make sure you don’t miss a beat, so here are a couple links to help navigate.


Update Your Password – Click here to update your account so you have full access to all our new features and blogs.


New Podcasting System – We have updated our podcasting system. Check out this page for everything you need to know about the Dudley and Bob with Matt Show Daily Podcast and Sideshow.


Update Your Browsers – No one likes change, but make sure you don’t miss our new features, videos, photo galleries and other media. Update your browser to the latest version and you’ll be set.


Get comfortable, let us know if we can grab you anything – a drink, some chips? Just in time for the summer...


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