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22 Songs That Don't Mean What You Think

Well written songs can take on a different meaning as time passes. Many people only enjoy a catchy beat and fail to recognize the depth of the verses. Here are a few songs that are actually puzzling metaphors of the mind.

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Born in the U.S.A. | Bruce Springsteen

 It’s about how much Bruce loves America and how everyone who doesn’t is a Communist. 


Every Breath You Take | The Police

It's about a stalker (well, you knew that).


Hotel California | The Eagles

Is it really about self-destruction and greed in the music industry? Nope. It’s about a lingering fart in the tour van.


Semi-Charmed Life | Third Eyed Blind

The upbeat, catchy tune is all about how much fun doing meth can be with a group of friends. 


Lonely is the Night | Billy Squier

At face value, it’s about a rocker who spends his days in front of a crowd and nights alone. Nobody gets him.

In actuality, it’s a joke about how Billy never spent a night alone. In fact, if you were born between 1974 – 1988 there is a 92% chance that he’s your father. Seriously. Go look in the mirror. 


Time of Your Life | Green Day

The song is a big joke about how bad the song itself is.


Hey Man, Nice Shot | Filter

Is the song is about the public suicide of Budd Dwyer, a Pennsylvanian State Treasurer? No. It’s about how Courtney Love killed Kurt and 9/11 was an inside job. 


Detroit Rock City | KISS

After watching a movie called “Detroit Rock City” the band sat town to pen one of their best tunes about a drunk fan, with mean parents, who misses one of their shows. 


Closing Time | Semisonic

It’s not the bar that’s closing… it’s his youth. It’s all of his freedom, hopes and dreams vanishing. Everything being taken away because he didn’t wear a condom.

That’s right, the song is about a man having a baby. 


(I Just) Died In Your Arms | Cutting Crew

It's really just about a guy who unexpectedly died in someone's arms (possibly due to their conversation). 


Pink House | John Mellencamp

It's a vagina. Think about it. 


Here Comes Your Man | Pixies

It's about hobos.

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