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Wishing We Were Bachelors Again

Pictured above: Dale with his Houston Press Club Lonestar Award. Thanks HPC and Austin Monthly.


*We talked to Erin from Austin Monthly about the upcoming Bachelors of Austin auction. Warning: Dale was one of the bachelors a few years ago....and then he had a baby. They weren't directly related, but the Bachelor issue is party of how Dale and his wife, Amanda, met. Mike Golden was also in the studio this morning. Mike is on the bachelor's up for grabs this year. He's a lawyer AND a law teacher. Get at him, ladies and gentlemen.


*Nicole Mullen on Walton and Johnson. Remember, Nicole is that trolling blogger on Thought Catalog. At least, that's the theory.



*'Til the cows come home.



*Did you think that those suggestive photos of Jerry Jones with young women were confusing? Well, the supposed story behind those pics is even more confusing.


*Rand Paul jets after one bite of his burger after two DREAMers try to confront Steve King at a resaurant over DACA.



*The City of Austin is trying to settle with the family of a man who was the victim of a cop shooting.





*Drunk dude gets the hose. Doesn't even blink.



*These pranksters need to be careful. This seems potentially dangerous.



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