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What Does Antediluvian Mean?

Pictured above: "Pink Mass" being held above Fred Phelps' mom's grave.


*Matt proved that he is smarter than everyone else again today when he dropped the word "antediluvian" on us. ANTEDILUVIAN:   adjective of or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible. 2) made, evolved, or developed a long time ago; extremely primitive or outmoded. (Merriam-Webster)


*Oh my gosh. Y'all should read some of the comments on this picture of the Noah DVD that Wal-Mart posted on their Facebook page. A lot of them are hilarious.


*Watch Aunt Joni die. (Don't worry, she doesn't actually die.)



Alcohol plus bike ramp dock equals concussed post-menopausal aunt Joni.


*Best. News story. Ever. Satanists hold "Pink Mass" over Westboro Church's founder Fred Phelps' dead mom's grave, "turning" her into a lesbian in the afterlife. And the Mississippi police want to arrest them.


*Poor Shelton Green. Shelton is our favorite reporter for KVUE. But it always seems that he gets the worst story assignments. Like this one. They sent him to the Austin airport to ask people getting off of planes if they were worried about ebola.


*Back in the day we would say that this is a Make Carissa Cry segment. Now it's just a Make Everyone Barf segment.



I was supposed to be away in BC tree planting for 3 months. Katie didn't know it was even possible for me to get a break during that time. I took the opportunity to surprise her at Rock Glen, the beautiful conservation area with a waterfall where we went on our very first date. She thought she was going there to meet me for a FaceTime call, but I had other plans.We feel extremely blessed and are excited to announce our engagement and planned wedding for this October 11, 2014.

Special thanks to our friend Jordan Klassen who aloud us to use his beautiful music in this video. If you love these songs as much as we do, please feel free to stop by his website here:

Or head over here to buy his album:

Thanks for watching! :)

-Rob and Katie


*This lady has a closet that is probably bigger than your house. And it was robbed.'


*Do you pray before you eat? Then get 15% off at this restaurant.

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