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We're All About That Bass

Guests: Gustavo and Burnie from Rooster Teeth

Pictured above: Bob fan-girling over the guys from Rooster Teeth.


*Thanks to Gus and Burnie for stopping by the studio to chat with us about Rooster Teeth. If you wanna learn more about that and listen to the podcast, check it out here. They were so awesome, we gave them their own blog post.


*It's official. Bob is still king. "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor is our official Song of the Summer. Shout-out to Meghan's army of dedicated fans. Y'all BLEW UP or Facebook page. In fact, we might replace or Warrior fans with y'all, because you've obviously got it all figured out. Congrats, Meghan.



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*Gun supporters vs. topless supporters here in Austin. Many women are protesting pro-gun rallies by showing up without their tops on, which makes them extreeeeemely uncomfortable. Just watch below. UPDATE: Remember that story about the woman who ruined a Bob Schneider concert for Dale because she kept talking? SHE'S ONE OF THE PRO-GUN LADIES IN THE VIDEO.



Topless MDA Supporters Expose All, Try to Provoke Gun Group

Come And Take It America:

Come And Take It America Facebook:

Come And Take It Texas Facebook:

Republic of Texas TV:


*"At least he won."



"At least he won" is all I can say when the Noah Granigan comes in for the win, throws his hands up in the air and loses control of his bike falling hard.


*Ebola Mary is on the loose! For real, though, it looks like this is the most serious Ebola outbreak...ever.


*This woman went to the hospital because she was ill...turns out because she had left a sex toy in her lady parts. For 10 years.


*Malaysia Airlines is thinking about changing its name since, you know, it's now up to two missing planes.


*The 11 worst fast food restaurants. Let's see if Daniel will still eat at some of these places.


*It's been recommended to us that we should ban aaaaaaall hands-on cellphone use in Austin while driving.


*The LCRA is "crack[ing] down" on illegal water use, specifically people pumping from the lake when they shouldn't be.


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