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The Waller Creek War

Spinal Tap rocks Stonehenge.  Relevance below.


*The Waller Creek war has begun. The size of the construction is off and it's costing a lot of money an deveryone is trying to figure out whose fault it is and....we watch this:



*LOTD goes to The Divine Miss M for finding the original Waller Creek construction designs, pictured below.



*Best first pitch ever:



*Guess what? After Colorado instituted a contraceptive program, teen pregnancy rates went down. Who would have thunk it? We guess things like condoms and birth control help prevent pregnancy, especially when younger people are taught about it?


*Speaking of which, an only-abstinenece-preaching GOP candidate recently announced that his teenaged daughter is pregnant. Looks like abstinenece worked out really well for her.


*Oh. So this is where AIDS comes from.



*In case you haven't heard, President Obama visited Austin yesterday. Here's a report on how presidential visits like this cost cities a LOT of money due to a needed increase in security, including APD.


*Alex Jones says that Michelle Obama might be a man. And not a beautiful woman.


*This is why Domino's Pizza lost the The Noid.

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