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Tweet the Wreck

Pictured above: the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.


*Yesterday we talked about "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and how it just goes on and on and on...and on. So Dale wanted people to start tweeting the lyrics with the hashtag #tweetthewreck. But it turned into everyone making up their own lyrics, which was funnier. What do you have to add? Tweet at @DudleyandBob with #tweetthewreck.



*Apparently being left alone with our thoughts is hard. So hard that some people would prefer to be shocked than have alone time, especially men. Read the whole article here.

*Is Bob blogging? "We Deserve a Better Song of Summer" by Amanda Dobbins.


*Dale brought this in for Daniel: This lady started leasing a house only to find out that the house used to belong to a serial killer in St. Louis, Missouri. She found out by watching an A&E special on serial killers that talked about the previous owner of her house, Maury Travis. They even gave her his dining room table. Daniel thinks he can relate to this experience because a couple of people have died in his apartment complex. He says if you Google "murder, murder, muder" you'll be able to find his complex. Dale pointed at that it's a horrible name for an apartment complex.


*Someone apparently found "God" in an eggplant. Carissa: "I thought God would have better handwriting."



*This is what Daniel sounds like when he screams:



*Best customer appreciation program EVER? This guy turned his barbershop into a strip club. You should definitely watch the video if you didn't hear it this morning. This reporter is great.


*Dale's daughter would love this: some students were fed dog biscuits.


*Irealnd is the goodest country in the world. Here is the entire list of rankings.


*Get those demons out of the atheists!



*Let's all give our input about the toll roads! Because we're sure they'll actually listen.


*Sarah Palin calls for impeachment.


*This guy is suing ESPN for millions of dollars due to defamation because they made fun of him a little bit because he fell asleep during a Yankees game.


*You've heard us say a thousand times that you shouldn't have kids. Don't get us wrong, we love our kids. But having kids is SO HARD. If you reeeeeeally think you need some, at least enjoy the time you have without them now. This is why:




*If you've made it this far in the blog, you get rewarded. Here's the "video that can't be unseen" from today. WARNING: NSFW AND EXTREMELY GROSS AND DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH. Daniel freaked out because he had spaghetti for dinner last night. This was Carissa's face:



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