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The Three Waiters

Manuel from Fawlty Towers in honor of the waiters bit.


*This morning we got into one of our best bits of the week, if not the entire month. Dale, Bob, and Matt all pretended to be classy waiters attending to Daniel's every need, inlcuding his defensiveness, his dating life, EVERYTHING. It was so funny. If you missed it this morning, we really suggest listening to the podcast from that hour. It's so worth it.


*Really, really, REALLY funny phone call that CJ received yesterday. For more of his wrong phone calls, click here.



*This anti-gambling commericial was aired BEFORE the Germany-Brazil game. Now it's hilarious.



*Hardcore conservatives are mad at Glenn Beck because he delivered water and food to the immigrant children stuck at the U.S.-Mexico border. Seriously. You should read some of these tweets.


*Speaking of which, Louie Gohmert said that these same children are part of Obama's plan to bring in illegal immigrants to vote for him and the rest of the Democrats.



*The police want to charge a 17-year-old boy with child pornography possesion and possibly register him as a sexual predator because he allegedly sexted his 15-year-old girlfriend with very explicit content (after she sent him photos). In order to prove that it was him in the video, they want to take him to the hospital, inject him with something that would force an erection, and then take photos of it for comparison.


*Listen to Britney Spears without auto-tuning. And no one can forget this one.



*Why are we kissing her butt?



*This guy found someone's private number so he could call her and complain about a tweet. That's weird...but then again, sounds like something we would do.


*This might be the most uncomforable-looking person ever.

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