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Strap-On Milk Stool

With guest Chad Daniels!

Pictured above: Not Nicole using a strap-on stool because Nicole refuses to wear one.


*Daniel wants to get a "strap-on milk stool" for Nicole because she "takes up too much space in the office." IS HE CALLING ME FAT?


*Comedian Chad Daniels was the guest star for today's Head-to-Head. Since Dale wasn't here, we assumed it wouldn't go to absolute sh*t like it usually does. It was actually smooth-sailing. That's the season finale of Head-to-Head for now. Chad will be at Cap City Comedy this weekend! Go check him out. He does cool stuff like play Head-to-Head with us and wears our random gorilla mask.




*A couple of NFL announcers say that they may not use the word "Redskins" to refer to the Washington team due to the controversy and racist nature surrounding the name.


*Map Porn: The real value of $100 across the 50 states.


*Apparently Jerry Seinfeld was rude to woman for almost crashing into his half-million-dollar car. Granted, it's a half-million-dollar car, so I imagine anyone would be rude if somebody almost dented it.




*Bill Burr on the Ice Bucket Challenge:


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