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Song of the Summer: THE FINAL DECISION


We've been debating about the Song of the Summer for TOO LONG NOW.


So now we're looking at you to make the final decision. Let us know which of our suggestions is the real Song of the Summer.




Dale says that his kids won't stop singing this song and that Iggy Azalea is insanely hot, which is why "Fancy" should win.




MEGHAN TRAINOR - "All About That Bass"


Bob is the King and he has declared that "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor has the magic that makes him think about summertime road trips.






Since Matt's original suggestions "COMEUPOUTDAWAHTA" was disqualified since it was released in January of 2012, we've decided that we would put his latest creation enter the poll instead. New shoos, y'all.






You must be logged in to the KLBJ-FM website to vote in the poll. Or you can check out our Facebook page and let us know there.


What is the Song of the Summer?
IGGY AZALEA - "Fancy" ft. Charli XCX
MEGHAN TRAINOR - "All About That Bass"
Total votes: 13



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