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Sexual Smoothies


*We Be Trolling: We had a smoothie guru call in to the show to talk about healthy crap or something. We had to work in sexual references for every smoothie mention. And Bob called them slurpies the whole time. It was great. If you really do want smoothers, go to My Kitchen Shrink.



Welcome to the My Kitchen Shrink Queendom and Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health. I wish I could come into your home and blend up scrumptious smoothies with you each and every day. But since I can't, my next-best option is to provide you with this fabulous book; a sweet blend of my intuitive eating philosophy, holistic education, self-healing experiences and loving, soulful daily practices, plus 30+ of my all time favorite smoothies and do it yourself healing recipes.

Read more about the benefits here! This is so much more than your regular smoothie recipe book! You'll learn everything you need to know from picking your produce, top quality products to put in your smoothies, how to make your own nut and seed milks and butters and cultured foods to keep money in your pocket, feel nourished and exude health confidence so you can feel fabulous for a lifetime. This is not your same ol' smoothie guide. You won't just be mixing up smoothies. We've blended in lots of ways to cultivate a nourished, healthy and happy relationship between your food, attitude and body so you can spring outta bed, looking forward to nourishing your WHOLE self with loving words, food and an intention for the day! You'll begin to notice a whole new you blossoming. Even if you're a smoothie savant, there are plenty of recipes that will open your mind to new ideas and experiences and have your tastebuds dancing and asking for more! Let your creative juices flow because the ideas are endless. Did I mention, this isn't just your same ol' boring smoothie routine? We've got ya covered with fresh new ways to shake it up while blending it up in the morning, afternoon or evening on your journey to health! This inspirational guide was written to help you discover the healing gifts and potent properties that whole real food and a positive attitude provides. This is not just a book of recipes, it is about creating a delicious, loving relationship with your food, attitude and body!
A how to develop and reveal your own smoothie secrets based on six key principles to help guide you to health

Deciding what blender to buy? Let me clear that up for you

Confidently pick your produce and other groceries and learn how to store them while keeping green in your pockets

Rad resources that will empower you to be the healthiest human you know how

Helpful kitchen tools to make your blending beautifully simplistic

How to avoid toxins, tips to heal and seal your GI tract to keep you healthy, reduce inflammation and stress on an everyday basis

The anatomy of a 'green' smoothie and tips to use your creative juices to build your own wonderful drinks

How to handle mental and emotional issues that come up in a positive way while creating behavior changes that are sustainable

Mindful eating techniques that will allow you to tune in to you and your food instead of listening to all the 'nutrition noise'

Wonderful ways to blend 'on the go' and the best products to use to take your wholesome goodness with you on the road

Guides galore on how to make your own nut and seed butters and milks while culturing foods to keep your healthy habits long-lasting (you won't believe how easy this can be)

Resources including protein powders and savvy supplements to sneak in your smoothies, farmer's markets, CSA resources and more

30 delectable smoothies that will create a healthy revolution in your life


* News flash: Matthew McConaughey likes fanny packs. Enough said.


*Outrage: Wendy's had a commercial urging people to go get a burger during the opening act of a show. But this Facebook post from Thoughts in Order Promotion (based in Austin) demanding that Wendy's apologize and donate money to a music-based charity because they're promoting anti-giving-a-sh*t-about-music or something.


*Worst start to a NASCAR race ever. It's "STAAAAAAART YOUUUUUUURRRR EEEENGIIIIIINES." Not "startyourengineshehe."


*We like THIS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Donate to the ALS Association here.)



The ice bucket challenge gone wrong...We're okay though!


*This guy had sex with 100 a morgue...dead woman...

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