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Nicole Mullen on Walton and Johnson

The show famous for doing fake voices didn’t get that they were being trolled

These poor old radio guys just don't get how the Internet works.

Controversial blogger ‘Nicole Mullen’ called into the conservative morning show known as Walton & Johnson (many of the characters on the show are just one of the hosts doing fake voices. Yes, it is still 1994 and this is Radio Mundolast week to discuss why she still breastfeeds her 12 year old. The hosts thought they would rip her to shreds - but all along - they were the ones getting played.

"If you don’t listen to Walton and Johnson; it’s a satirical conservative radio show. It’s kind of like  The Daily Show  except instead of incisive political commentary the hosts hand-wring over Sharia law and mock homosexuals and black people.

Just my kind of show!!!! I jumped at the opportunity, and this morning I was heard on 12 radio stations, broadcast to millions of adoring listeners who were inspired and humbled by my brave story of motherhood. I think it’s safe to say that I changed some lives today.

This radio show is huge, they’ve had big name guests like Larry the Cable guy and Carlos Mencia, and they could have had anyone on, but they chose to have me. Why? Because I’m important and people value my opinions."


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