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The Nicole Makeover Reveal


You've heard Dale, Bob, and Matt talk about it for months. You've heard all the jokes about how manly I am. You've seen the BEFORE photos.


Now it's time for the NICOLE MAKEOVER REVEAL. Enjoy.




Nicole's Makeover: The Before Photos

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Before 3
Photo by: 
Landry Taylor




Nicole's Makeover: After Photos

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Ashley Hargrove from DTK Austin Styling

Photographer Annie Ray

Tiffany Vogelpohl and Gracie Silvas at Bella Salon for for hair and make-up

Style Encore and Hoddy Shop for clothes






I'm NOT a natural model. And I'm not very comfortable in the salon chair. Take a look for yourself.


Thanks again to Tiffany, Gracie, Ashley, and Annie for making me feel better and for turning me into a lady.




Behind the Scenes of Nicole's Makeover

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