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Meg Turney in the Studio

Pictured above: the lovely and awesome Meg. Cameo by Chris from Dulce Vida Tequila.


When Burnie and Gus from Rooster Teeth came in earlier this week, we chatted them up about bringing in Meg Turney, too. Meg is a fellow Rooster Teeth-er, YouTuber, blogger, model, and self-proclaimed nerd. She was a great guest and we hope she comes in again!


If you missed the podcast, you can listen below:



If you want to learn more about Meg, you can:


1) Go roam around the Rooster Teeth website. Everything you find there in general will be awesome.


2) Check out her YouTube channel.




3) Look at her cosplay.






4) Or just her.




We love you, Meg Turney.

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