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Matt does a Yoko Ono Impression


*For the umpteenth million time, we talked about Song of the Summer. When a listener called in to suggest a Yoko Ono tune as the winner, Matt had this to say:



*Bob says that he gets the final say on what the Song of the Summer is, and he says this one. Don't argue with him about it.



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* Our guest today was Sawyer Stoltz from Transmission. They're the guys who help put on the Aqua Olympics, an awesome field-day-like even where people compete in ridiculous activites to win Fun Fun Fun Fest passes. Matt's a huge fan of the whole ordeal. Y'all should come out! It's on Aug 2. It's free, but registration starts at 4PM and is a first-come-first-served basis. More info on the Aqua Olympics here.


*We also got a phone call from Kat Su. She's the genius behind Crappy Taxidermy, a website that displays a collection of photos of terrifyingly creepy taxidermy projects gone wrong. She also working on a book of the photos to come out this fall. It will be called "Much Ado About Stuffing." LOVE IT! Even though this is a job of sorts for her, even Kat thought that Carissa's idea to stuff her dog after she dies is a little weird. Especially if she wants to have it in a sitting position so she can rest it on her head. Or have the ear on a keychain.


*Fact of the Day: 1 in 25 New Yorkers are millionaires.



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