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Legion of Skanks


This morning comedian Big Jay Oakerson was a guest on our show. But did you know he has his own podcast?


He runs Legion of Skanks along with Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith. You should definitely check it out. They often have guests on their show, including other comedians, radiomen, and porn stars (...remind you of anyone?). If you like us, you'll like them. If you don't like us...why are you reading this?


We loved having Jay in the studio. He's one of those guys who's not afraid to be honest with us. We found out that he's also a "hibernating eater" like Daniel, meaning he's not afraid to save his food to enjoy another day. He's also enjoys amateur porn over professional stuff and thinks Texas woman are "out of this world." You can listen to the podcast of our regular show when it's uploaded right here. And if you're a Sideshow subscriber, you're lucky because he stayed around. Take a listen here.


You should also go see him at Cap City Comedy Club this weekend. 5 out of 5 show members would recommend (6 out of 6 if you count the Girl Who Posts the Most).



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Big Jay Oakerson watches a lady completely blow her top.

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Jay Oakerson gets to know the audience...

Big Jay Oakerson's story-based style of stand-up comedy got its start after a series of dead-end jobs, including driving strippers and escorts around his hometown of Philly. Now the New York City resident has made comedy his full-time job, flooring audiences with true tales of odd threesomes and bizarre sexual encounters. Jay has performed his stand-up comedy for over a quarter of a million screaming rock 'n' roll fans, hosting Jager's Korn tour and Rock Star Energy Drink's Mayhem Fest. Jay has performed multiple times at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

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