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It's Señor, Not Senior

Wiccans, virginity, Cobra Commander, shooting without looking, Hobby Lobby, sod-pounders, and more


*A list for Dale and Bob: all the discounts that you can get when you're over 50+. Bob refuses to believe that he would be considered a "senior." A senõr, yes. A senior? Hell no!


*Yesterday during the Sideshow we had an epic Matt vs. High Pockets discussion about religion, freedom to practice in public, and the goverment's involvement in those decisions. Here's a story about how a Wiccan was "uninvited to give opening prayer" at the city council meeting because of "community concerns." This falls in with our whole conversation yesterday about how we favor Christianity in public settings but when other religions want to practice in public, people get their panties in a twist.


*Try and follow this train of thought: Huntsville, Alabama > Huntsville, Texas > Daniel says it's a scary place > he lost his virginity in Huntsville > he was there for a band trip and he was a cymbal man > he admits it was just "third base" and not a "home run" > he realizes that he didn't lose his virginity because third base doesn't count > he says, "I just realized I lost virginity to the person I lost my virginity to."


*Watch Alex Jones do sketch comedy! He interviews Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe. (Spoiler alert: He plays the part of Cobra Commander.)


*In case you don't know who Cobra Commander is (or if you need a little trip down memory lane):


*Hobby Lobby doesn't want the insurance that it offers to its employees to cover Plan B  and realted contraceptives due to religious objection. However, a Mother Jones report says that it seems Hobby Lobby invested in a vareity of different kinds of contraceptive businesses for their retirement funds. Including the company that creates Plan B. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and says that they don't have to provide the comprehensive coverage based on their religious beliefs.


*One morning a Proud P16 called in and said that he worked for a local company that developed guns that you could fire without actually looking directly at the target. Essentially it's a camera on the gun that loads to a pair of goggles that you're wearing. Check it out:


*This guy honked at a cop because the cop was speeding and on his cell phone. So the cop pulled him over and was originally going to give him a ticket, but then apologized. Not only that, the cop actually thanks the guy. The title of this video is "Cop lies his ass off."


*Who wants to have the Quidditch World Cup in Austin? *Harry Potter nerds in the city rejoice* BOB CALLS QUIDDICTH PLAYER SOD-POUNDERS because they can't actually fly.


*What constitutes as news in East Texas.


*Sideshow Live 300 this Thursday! Don't forget to bring some money to get your shirt:

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