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It's a Good Thing We Love You, Mike MacRae

Guests: Meg Turney and Mike MacRae

Pictured above: the lovely and wonderful Meg Turney.


*We had two awesome guests in the studio this morning. First off was Meg Turney (which you can ready about here). Our friend and comedian, Mike MacRae, came in right after her. Yeah...and he's alright. Just kidding, we love Mike. He's got two shows out at The Velveeta Room supporting Henry Phillips. Side note: he dropped to massive "bad words" that we had to dump because he forgot that we weren't on the Sideshow. But he stayed for the Sideshow, so I guess he made up for it. We also had Chris from Dulce Vida Tequila stop by. Thanks, man!


*To get back at Mike, we made him watch part of this:



*Check out this video of Dale, Bob, and Matt form back in the day when they each starred in the old TV show Austin Stories.


*Carissa left early this morning to go on a road trip! Here are some of her road trip tips that you all need to read.


*We listened to this video about A BILLION TIMES because it's so funny.






*The creepiest sound ever (via CJ Morgan).



*Some of the worst restaurant foods.

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