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Happy Birthday Bob and Carissa

Pictured above: the lovely Carissa and the one-and-only Bobfather. BIRTHDAY GIRL AND BOY!


*Today is both Bob and Carissa's birthday! If you seem them in person or online, give them some birthday wishes.


*Our guest today was SKYROCKET! playing some Led Zeppelin tunes for us. They'll be playing at The Roost this Friday at 9PM. Only $10!!!



*The hot wife matrix:






*Alex Jones on the DMT elves with little green hats.






*A football player that Daniel might be able to relate to.



*Edwin Edwards has been given a key to the city!


*Is the city of Austin considering ID cards? Specifically for the immigrant community.




*The Utah teacher that is in trouble for allegedly having sex with a teenaged student. More on the story.

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