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Friends in Show Places

Listen Hard for ACL Fest Passes!

How well do you know your favorite morning show? Do you think you ListenHard# enough to win ACLFest# passes?

Where is our favorite place to get tacos? What is the black bag of shame? Where is the best place to take a doo? If you know the answers then boy howdy do we have a scavenger hunt for you!

We are sending our friends (you) out on the town to capture some of the show places we have talked about over the years.

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Those who find at least three will be entered to win one of two pairs of Three-Day Passes to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Those who find ten will be entered THREE TIMES.. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Print out the Dudley & Bob + Matt poster (below), or create your own*, or pick one up at the station.
  2. Listen at 8:20 every morning as we announce the show places we want you to find.
  3. Go to the place and take a "proof of life" picture (or video). Be sure to include the poster!
  4. Post the photo (or video) on the DudleyandBob (Dudley & Bob + Matt) Facebook Page.
  5. Use the hashtags #ListenHard #ACLFest.
  6. Email once you’ve completed your all your tasks (aka posted five photos of show places with the poster).


Basic Rules:

  • You have one week! Starts on May 8th, ends on May 14th at 11:59pm.
  • Don’t block traffic or screw with the businesses.
  • Don’t do anything illegal or stupid.
  • You have to tag our Facebook page and use our hashtags
  • Completing the tasks first DOES NOT mean you win, it means you are entered to win.
  • Must be over 18.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • For more detailed contest rules, click here and then read this.



  • Do I have to have the poster and physically be at the location? Yes, otherwise you could just be Googling and Photoshopping.
  • What are show places? Business, landmarks and other things we routinely talk about on-air.
  • Is Garth Brooks headlining? Why that dumb name? No, and because Whitney in promotions laughed at it.
  • Do I need a squirt gun? No, you do not have to have a squirt gun or purchase anything to participate. 
  • Do I need to snap the picture right after it is announced on-air? No, honestly you could wait until we’ve released all the locations  - just be sure to listen so you know where they are! 
  • But I don’t have Facebook! Seriously? You are going to be that person? The purpose of this social media contest is for it to be on social media but legally we have to let you enter this digital contest analog style. Print out your photos and mail them to the station. They must arrive by the deadline!


Show Places:

  1. Bathroom at Nordstroms
  2. Any HEB (our winna winna chicken dinna spot)
  3. Amayas
  4. Terrys Burnet Road Vehicle Inspection
  5. Whispering Bushes at Pease Park
  6. The Paramount Blade
  7.  Humane Society on 183 (Daniel's cat place)
  8. Dreamers
  9. Sam Bass Road
  10. Hornsby Ave
  11. Pile of granite next to the Round Rock rock
  12. Any Academy
  13. Hyatt Downtown
  14. A Porshe (please do not touch or f with people)





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