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Don't Tell Dale Where We're Hiding

Here you can see Carissa, Bob, and Matt demonstrating the hide-from-a-nuclear-bomb technique.


*Sometimes if we think there might be a fight or one of our classic "on-air meetings," we go to our happy places...a.k.a. underneath the desk (pictured above).


*What it's like to be on radio versus being on a podcast. This is why Dale decided he isn't going to the time stamps on segments any more:



Marc defends podcasts over radio.


*The lovely Ashley Hargrove from DTK Austin Styling came in this morning to do the first assessment of Nicole for the aptly named Nicole Makeover. She'll be making all the decisions (so Dale doesn't put Nicole in gingham or with roses or something weird), including makeup, hair, and clothes. Bella Salon Spa downtown will be handling the makeup and hair directly. Good luck, Ashley. You'll need it.


*Can you get into this young kids' school? Take the test and see.


*The frozen food industry is slowly growing smaller.


*Song of the Summer? These are submissions from people singing about Church's new spicy chicken or something. They're the best. Here are the rest. UPDATE: We just realized this contest was from 2010.



We decided to go by the nearest Church's store to make this video. We had so much fun. Love the New Spicier Spicy Chicken!


*Everybody, let's stop traffic. For a dead body.


*This lady gets hip-checked by a Lambo.



Woman Running Across Road Hit By Lamborghini


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*Don't like. We aaaaaaaall love the smell of our own farts.

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