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Daniel and Mr. Strut

Pictured above: a totally true photo of Daniel and his new love that definitely was not created by listener Adam Wolf.


*Yesterday's Sideshow was...awesome. We spent an hour talking to Daniel about how every stable is a legitimate site of notorious horse-f***ing. According to Daniel, there are so many men that are blown away by the majesty of horses that they will constantly blow them, along with shenanigans. Just horses and stables, though. Every other animal and animal housing center is safe from f***ery.


*Best use of a GoPro ever. (Music video version.)




*Rick Perry has been booked on his indictment. And his hair is still perfect in his mugshot. (Pictured to the right.)


*This poses an interesting question: who will be paying for Rick Perry's defense? Check out this KXAN story.


*You can have a night of dancing with "Backdoor Teen Mom" at Palazio here in Austin. Supposedly she's stripping for "research." Whatever it is, she's apparently making a half million.


*ISIS has allgededly killed American journalist James Foley, who has been missing overseas since 2012.


*A "femitheist" is starting a new movement: let's reduce the male population to 10%! That will solve everything. Also, who puts a shoe ina  dryer while recording a YouTube video.



*This guy faked his own death to get out of marrying his fiance. However, he did it pretty poorly, considering he just called his fiance pretending to be his dad and saying that he died in a car accident. When the fiance called his parents later to "offer her condolences," they said that he was totally alive.


*According to this, the bigger the wedding is the happier the marriage will be. But Matt pointed out that if you have enough money to throw a big wedding, then the financial stability we assume you also have is probably what leads to the happier marriage.


*Wax. It's like weed lip balm. Watch out. It's flammable.


*Dammit. We're swearing more.

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