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Beware the Coming of Jesus Moth (and Erin Foley)

Pictured above: Jesus Moth.


*A local family found Jesus in a moth. The family whose house that the moth camped out at for a while saw it as a sign from the Lord. Some people see J. Christ. Others claim they see the Devil.


*Erin Foley stopped by! We love her! Go see her Cap City Comedy Club.



*The "cell phone ban" proposition in Austin passed yesterday. Or rather, use-your-hands-only-to-drive-in-the-car-law-thing. No technological device such as a cell phone, tablet, or GPS may be used while the car or vehicle is in motion. You can still use your devices hands-free (like Bluetooth) and you can use it at stop lights (like programming your GPS).



*Here's a list of 7 things we all steal (Warning: Clickbait). Which led us to talk about stuff that we have stolen in the past. Turns out we're not really thieves. OR good thieves, at that. Unless you count Hubba Bubba and chopsticks. However, all of you listeners our there lit up the phones to tell us the kind of stuff y'all have stolen.


*Good news, Bob. According to this, short men make better husbands.

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