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On the last Show Before the Show, BDoe and I got to interview Miss 2008 Valerie Mason... and yes, it got weird. Check out the SBTS and extra pics at my other blog:
I love it when people call the wrong station and want to school me in tax law.
Callers often seek my wisdom when it comes to personnel matters like substance abuse, health and love. Here are a couple of recent phone calls:
Meet Noa. She will be shadowing me on occasion and sings for a Jazz band. I made her perform on air so I thought I could at least plug her show: Carrob's Cafe 11.05.11 | 7th & Sabine | 8pm-12midnight Eat a sandwich, hear some jazz...
Help Team KLBJ raise money for men's health awareness! Donate here: HERE
A few weeks ago I stripped for a friends Birthday Party. Thought I would share the pictures... If you are need a stripper call me, 973-8300. We can work out a deal.
Stuck on a Halloween Costume. I like offensive but not "get CJ fired from radio" offensive. Here are a view of my ideas: -Casey Anthony w/ Dead baby -White guy going as Nate Dogg -Slutty Zombie Elizabeth Taylor -Lawn Mowerman-esque Steve Jobs -Rick Perry's Hair -Dan Wheldon w/...
It's gone too far, we need our brew. Make sure to share this with all your occasional coffee drinking co-workers.