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What Else Could Tim Howard Have Saved?

America's Secretary of Defense goes on loan to save the World


That’s the saves to goal ratio from Tim Howard’s performance at yesterday’s World Cup match against Belgium. For much of the day, the Red Devil artillery fired mercilessly at the American defense. Yet, at the half, the match was still a draw. Their mortars closed in lay siege on the Yank’s net until finally two shells broke through the walls.

Any other keeper might have collapsed under such overwhelming pressure but throughout the match, Howard stood strong.

It leaves us many of us wondering, “What else could Tim have saved?


The Dinosaurs

President Kennedy

Charlton Heston from realizing they blew it all to hell

Shovel Girl


Ned Stark

Kanye from Being an Ass

Your Mom's Vagina and Career

Luke's Hand

Blockbuster from the Internet


This kid from getting bit by Suarez

America from the FCC and Children form Janet's Wardrobe Malfunction


Swimmers from Sharks

The Titanic

The World

What Else Could Tim Howard Have Saved?

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Luke' s Hand...
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