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TXRD Championship

Cherrybombs VS Putas Del Fuego

This weekend at the Austin Convention Center it is going down! A year's worth of hard work will pay off for either the defending champion (and undefeated Cherry Bombs) as they take on the surprise underdog Putas Del Fuego. Here is a look back at the season:

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  • Cherry Bombs 4-0
  • Cowgirls 3-1
  • Putas 2-2
  • Holy Rollers 1-3
  • Hellcats 0-4

 (via TXRD Play by Play)

2017 Schedule and Results:

  • February 19th — Holy Rollers 65,  Rhinestone Cowgirls 101
  • April 1st — Putas del Fuego 152 vs. Hellcats 51
  • April 22nd — Cherry Bombs 189 vs. Holy Rollers 50
  • May 6th — Rhinestone Cowgirls 108 vs. Hellcats 75
  • May 27th — Putas Del Fuego 29 vs. Cherry Bombs 123
  • June 24th — Holy Rollers 87 vs. Hellcats 13
  • July 8th — Putas Del Fuego 81, Rhinestone Cowgirls 106
  • July 22nd — Hellcats 68, Cherry Bombs 123
  • August 5th — Putas Del Fuego 92, Holy Rollers 77 
  • August 19th — Cherry Bombs vs. Rhinestone Cowgirls
  • September 30th — Playoffs: Putas vs. Cowgirls
  • November 4th — Calvello Cup: Cherry Bombs vs. Putas Del Fuego


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