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That Time I pissed off Steven Tyler

Over a year ago, legendary front man for Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, came by the KLBJ studios with his new project, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere, to chat with LA Lloyd.
Before we went on-air there was a small incident that happened between Steven and myself. In the moment, I was a professional and just laughed it off. Assumed he was busting my balls for recording him. Recently, however, I rewatched the tape and could not believe how awkward and uncomfortable it was. 
Basically, I got yelled at for live streaming without his knowledge (which I then lied about). 
But it wasn’t my fault! Hear me out:
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First off, I had permission from the record label and handlers to stream the interview on Facebook. We were supposed to go live (on the radio) after a few songs but LA pushed it back until after a commercial break - which meant Tyler had 10 minutes to riff and bullshit off mic - instead of the typical one or two. During the course of those 10 minutes, he asked about the best strip clubs, shit talked a few people, and made some..
At some point, he noticed I was pointing my phone at him and asked why I was “all up in his face with that shit”. I sheepishly replied: “It’s my job” before realizing he was not happy that we were live on the Internet. I did not want to tank the radio interview so I did the first thing that popped into my head: I lied. 
These sort of TMZ gaffes can break careers and as a seasoned videographer, I should have known better (during the damn performance I even made sure not to tape Tyler with his glasses reading the lyrics from a sheet of paper because that might make him look bad).  I knew better!
In the end, everything went swell. Mr. Tyler stayed on-air for 45 minutes instead of 15 and then took photos with everyone at the office (unfortunately, I didn’t get to apologize as we had to get downtown to interview Chris Pine).

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