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Pros and Cons of Leslie

Earlier this week, a plaque was dedicated to the downtown Austin icon. 

We posted a picture (above) to our Facebook Page. 2,000 shares, 37.5k clicks and hundreds upon hundreds of comments later; one thing is clear:

There is no middle ground when it comes to discussing Leslie.

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I am legitimately torn. On one hand, he was a kind and weird soul who would wax poetic, make you laugh and even housesit. On the other, he was man who would yell at door guys, show his ass to families and crap on downtown patios.

For the sake of having this discussion, I feel we need to separate ourselves from the actual man and discuss the idea of Leslie. Not the human who tragically passed away recently but the character and legend of downtown Austin.

While sifting through the comments it was hard to find any actual facts. The thread was filled with emotional stories, drunken testimonials and downright stupid “Caitlynn Jenner… tax dollars…derp … he was a hobo scum”

I want to find more concrete reasons Leslie is such a legitimate Austin icon. Why he deserves a plaque. What puts him on the level of people like Cactus Pryor, Jennifer Gale, Madalyn Murray O'Hair etc.

Where do you stand?

Here are a few of the “arguments” we came across the other day:


Leslie deserves a respectful burial a plaque and why not change Armstrong Parkway (or whatever he lances road is called) to Leslie Parkway.

These fools on here saying 'waste of money', 'disgusting', or 'f that punk', I bet yall never took time out to get to know the man. He's an Austin legend and that's why he DESERVES that plaque. He's the reason Austin is kept weird. Good thing you didn't buy that plaque. Bunch of close minded hood rats.

I feel sorry about the newcomers to Austin t that never had the chance to see much less have a conversation with Leslie . The plaque is well deserved

As an Austin born native, and STILL live here, I have all the respect for this! He was an awesome character and great to hang out with anytime I ran into him! I still cherish those memories and the pics I have with him!

Leslie is a piece of Austin history that needs to be remembered, especially as we demolish our cherished city and the culture/people that made it was it is today!

If u don't know Leslie, u don't know Austin!

Leslie was an asshole. And we loved him for it

hey need to melt the Jefferson Davis statue and recycle it into a Leslie statue.


Leslie was awesome but he'd laugh his ass off at the idea of a memorial. What the hell are we celebrating? That it's ok to be mentally ill and homeless?

I can think of 25 other non-insane Austinites who deserve a plaque. None of them publicly exposed themselves to children on a daily basis, took street hormones, lost all their teeth to meth, or suffered severe mental illness.

He was a complete dick to any of us that worked downtown. Constantly starting shit.

Waste of FKING money..!!!

What a joke. Honoring a freak.

I don't care that he got a plaque or not. But don't pretty it up and lie about history...the man stunk to high heaven each and every time I got within 10 feet of him. And don't spew any bullshit that the reason was that he was homeless. The lake is free.

 You all do remember that he was saying he's "done with Austin" and was trying to move to Colorado right? If he didn't pass away he would be in Denver right now... I don't think it's deserved when he made it clear he turned his back on Austin.



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