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Photoshopped to Fit 25 Different Definitions of Beauty

What does this say about our culture?


Here's an amazing experiment to see the differences between masculine beauty "ideals": 32-year-old radioman CJ Morgan had his picture photoshopped by artists from 25 different areas. He told them to “paint me like one of your French girls” according to their standards.

Man Photoshopped to Fit 25 Different Definitions of Beauty

1 of 30
1985, 1955 and 2015
Photo by: 
CJ Morgan


(Damaris Alfonso)


Planet Vulcan

King's Landing

North of the Wall

1955, 1985 and 2015

Gotham City

Santa Prisca


Southpark Colorado

Sad Hill Cemetery


Gathering of the Juggalos

(Adam Wolf)

Post-Impressionist Holland


Texas Governor's Mansion

(Adam Wolf)


(Adam Wolf)

Atlanta Safe Zone

Dr. David Bruce Banner's Lab

Ministry of Magic


Little China


Los Angeles, 1999

The Moon

Crab Land


Louisiana Bayou

(Ernesto Muñoz)

On Paper

(Ernesto Muñoz)

Stark Tower

(Ernesto Muñoz)


(Ernesto Muñoz)



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