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Miles the Racing Wiener

I'm not always such a bitter, sarcastic and spite filled radioman. In fact, once you get through my soft shell, you'll find a creamy center. What lies there? My wiener.

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Everywhere I go my sweet baby boy tags along. In 2011 Miles' disc ruptured and I had emergency surgery to save him (please stop asking me about it and please stop asking if he is a rescue).  

Many people do not realize Miles wasn’t always paralyzed. In fact, he used to be one of the fastest weenies in the West!

Miles Wins HIs First Ever Race in 2009


Miles at the 2010 Wiener Dog Races


Miles Takes Fourth Overall at the KLBJ Rockin' Weenie Races


Miles testing his cart at the 2012 KLBJ Rockin' Weenie Races

Miles Swimming 


Miles Training

Love wieners as much as I do? Donate to the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue!

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