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The Ice Bucket Challenge

I accepted the challenge as any Captain should

This week I was issued the Ice Bucket Challenge. Essentially, I have 24 hours to dump a bucket of ice on my head then challenge two other people to do so or make a donation to I accepted and challenged two well-known Austenites (watch the video to find out who).


"It may be warm in parts of the country, but some people aren’t drenching themselves in ice or cold water to cool down from elevated temperatures. A new phenomenon has hit the social media circuit – the “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

The challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, posting that video to social media, then nominating others to do the same, all in an effort to raise ALS awareness. Those who refuse to take the challenge are asked to make a donation to the ALS charity of their choice."



The Captain was issued the ice bucket challenge by radioman Andy Langer and now he challenges newsreaderwoman Quita Culpepper and city leadermen Mike Martinez to Strike Out ALS!


Quita answered my challenge:


Quita Culpepper #ALSIceBucketChallengeDescription

So did Councilman Mike Martinez


Mike Martinez takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to Raise Awareness About ALS


Here is the challenge I was issued:


Alyssa Roenigk challenged me. I accepted. And here's the results. Now it's your turn CJ Morgan of KLBJ and Elaine Garza of Giant Noise.

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