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Homeless Pickup Artist Living in Austin, Trying to Bang Your Girl

How is this guy getting laid and you're not?

Whatever happened to this dangerous creep? Here is the original post from two years ago:

Have you seen this dude wandering around downtown Austin? This drunk, Polo wearing twenty-something is not your average 6th Street frat daddy (although he looks like one).

His name is Joe and he is one of New York City's finest homeless pick up artists. The 28 year-old has been the subject of many blogs, talk shows and unexpected visits to the clinic.

How does he do it?

By stealing hair jell from CVS, losing any inhibition with cheap vodka and then smooth talking drunk girls. He recently took up residence in Austin and claims to be shacking up with different ladies, several nights a week.

APD Mugshot

Here's a NSFW piece Elite Daily did on Him:

Joe gets by on the kindness of others while getting drunk and laid. Want to dive deeper into the wormhole? Read about him on the Reddit Austin thread. 

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