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The Danger of Soccer Nip Slips

If Janet Jackson’s boob was so bad for America, can you imagine what is going to happen across the globe?
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Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction was the third most destructive event to happen in the modern United States behind only Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Her nip-slip caused a necessary censorship clampdown on the media (especially radio), gave the government more control than ever and damaged the lives of countless children.


Yet, no one is talked about an even more dangerous GLOBAL epidemic that is going on right under the Lady Liberty's' nose. Across the globe, millions of children and hundreds of stable societies are being subjected to wardrobe malfunctions of EPIC proportion.


Soccer may seem harmless but in reality it’s almost as popular (globally) as college football. However, it’s not pictures of sweet adolescents cheering on their school whilst earing a degree that’s being broadcast. Countless disturbing images and reports are coming back from games all over the globe. Hordes of loose women fill the stands at soccer stadiums and their clothing choices are destroying the brains of our youth, one nipple at a time.


The images below are shocking, but necessary in order for us to combat this great injustice. If Janet Jackson’s boob ruined America this bad, can you imagine what is going to happen across the globe?


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