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Cheers to Ten Years of Austin Beards

and mustaches

My friends Jimmy and Paul from the Austin Facial Hair Club came by to plug their 10th(we think) Anniversary Party. Since their beards humiliated mine on stage at Come and Shave it XI, I decided to PWN them with my You're Screwed disc jockey musical trivia record guessing game.

Who won the special prize? Who cussed on the radio? Listen and find out! Also, be sure to attend their party!

AFHC 10 year Anniversary Party!

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The Austin Facial Hair Club has always been one of my favorite groups. As a young bearded boy new to Austin, I was excited to see such a fun group had a symbiotic relationship with KLBJ. Please go out and support these bearded ladies and genitalmen!



10 years ago Allen Demling, Cory Plump, Brent Nutting and Bryan Nelson met up and decided to form a beard club in order to attend as a chapter of Beard Team USA at the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage Alaska! They met up with Alex LaRoche there who was traveling with some Californians, and it wasn't long before he too was part of the crew. We've had several different rosters over the years, with each new member adding something special and turning us into the fantastic club we are today.

Come help us celebrate 10 wonderful years as a club! Hear tales of beards big and small, Come-and-Shave-Its past, Whisker Wars, and world travels. Raise a Lone Star Beer and/or Tully with us as we look towards the next 10 years and the upcoming 2017 Remington Beard Boss World Beard and Moustache Championships (September 1-3rd). We've got some great events planned on this Wednesday night, there will be arm wrestling, a burping competition, and more fun stuff- you'll just have to show up to find out what!

The Mohawk is the only place we could hold such a celebration. They've watched and helped us grow over this last decade, and generously given us an amazing place to hold our competitions, fundraisers, charity drives and, quite frankly, anything else we could come up with. And the phrase above their entry way "All are welcome." Is something we as a club hold dear, and have always tried to work into our affairs.

In addition to the party we're also having a Book Drive for the wonderful folks at Inside Books They are a Austin-based community service volunteer organization that sends free books and educational materials to prisoners in Texas. Inside Books is the only books-to-prisoners program in Texas, where over 140,000 people are incarcerated. Inside Books Project works to promote reading, literacy, and education among incarcerated individuals and to educate the general public on issues of incarceration.
Bring a book or 3! Please check their site to see what is acceptable and what is not!

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