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60 Times CJ Morgan Took an Awkward Picture Next to Someone Famous

Standing Next to People of Note

For nearly a decade, I've been working in the exciting business of radio. Along the way, I've got to meet several interesting celebrities, stand awkwardly next to them and take a picture so my Facebook friends would think I was successful.

I started at Emmis Austin Radio as a KLBJ promotions coordinator in September of 2007. My first major event was working the Austin City Limits Music Festival. At the time, I aspired to be like the British Festival Presenters that interviewed all the hip bands backstage. I went around the media area and did my best to capture some audio, video or pictures with my favorite artists.

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Towards my one year anniversary, I began working the front desk as a morning greeter. I got to meet several of Dudley & Bob's guests as they came in and waited in the lobby. Large groups of radio employees would hover around the break room hoping to meet the celebrities. The number would fluctuate depending on overall fame or how popular they were at the moment - but there was always a buzz when someone came in. 

Then came many of our SXSW broadcasts in which I took more responsibility setting up interviews with interesting guests. We had everyone from writers, to radio hosts, actors, comedians and even rappers stop by.

Over the years I have witnessed Norm MacDonald wander around the office after his interviews, high fived Mark Cuban and got high with Doug Benson. I’ve done commercial shoots with Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson, been the only one in the room while bands like Spoon and Interpol sound checked. I've let comics like Ralphie May, Beth Stelling and Brendan Walsh play with my dog (all while I was hoping he didn’t bite them). I talked drinking beer with Donald Cerrone and listened to Ricky Williams philosophize on life. I’ve come in early just to miss meeting the RZA, Kevin Nealon and Natasha Leggero. I’ve got to drive porn stars and b-list actors around town. I've seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion and I've dined with Dale Dudley at his house.


Eventually I learned bands/artists hate being interviewed by radio guys, comedians think we are all jokes, actors are too cool and athletes too serious. In short, no one likes talking an awkward picture with a hack radio DJ. Nonetheless, I still occasionally ask someone for a picture (though much less than I used to). When someone does agree to forever live on my iPhone, I'll make sure they pop up here.

I give you, Standing Next to People of Note.

Standing Next to People of Note

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