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Leftover Show Prep: Boat Crash and Puppy Dogs


We don't use all of our show prep throughout the week. So we thought we could share some of the leftover show prep ideas. Some of it is from you listeners and some of it is stuff that I wish we could talk about on-air.


The Best Vagina Smugglers in history

This makes me happy to know that in a pinch, I have a place to keep twizzlers where no one else will find them.


"Turn Down For What" Remix with bikini girls and a BOAT CRASH

I’m not typically one who loves to watch videos featuring gals in bikinis, but this one is hilarious. Actually, Daniel showed it to me the other day after the show and we both laughed our heads off.


Ladies hate other Ladies' Selfies

I hate that this rings true for me. Am I jealous? Perhaps.  Regardless, I have to fight off the urge to make snide comments when I see super sexy selfies of other women.


The Happiest Dog Ever

I’ve been trying to fight off depression all week, and the best form of medicine I know is cute dog videos. If you don’t smile while watching this, then you must have a block of ice where your heart should be.


Men sticking flowers in their beards may be a thing now?

I may have a past for falling for quirky dudes with awful fashion taste, but this goes a little too far. Please please please don’t make this be a thing.


Ventriloquist has sex with dummy

Did you see that movie Lars and the Real Girl? It was super creepy romance flick starring Ryan Gooseling and a blow up doll. It was actually pretty good. But it was a movie. This is not.




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