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I Promise I'm not a Pet Killer

Pictured from left to right: Penny, Bobby Bones, Oreo, and Stevie Ticks.


From my early days on the morning show, I fear that I’ve earned a reputation as being what some may call “a pet killer.”


While I cannot deny that Oreo Dudley was taken away from our earth while in my care, I stand by the fact that my heart felt nothing but love for that snuggly little guinea pig. Did Oreo die because the tomato I fed him was like poison to his blood? Perhaps. Did he die from heat stroke because of the sweltering temperature in my room while I spent the weekend drinking and partying? Also likely.


I am regretful that Oreo’s untimely demise has led the general public to believe that I might have anything but love for all of animal kind. Am I not the one who took in Bobby Bones the Cockroach everyone else wanted to squish him? I definitely don’t believe that I am to blame for his death this last winter. His body was simply not equipped to handle our harsh Texas winter.


This week, I was reminded once again just how precious and short life can be. My family lost a dear furry friend on Monday.


Penny was like a sister to me. I’ll never forget the time I colored all of her white spots with highlighters so that she looked like a tye-dyed shirt. We shared many a bucket of popcorn while watching scary movies together. Penny never cared or noticed what size I was or if I decided to go 2 weeks without showering.


She was always happy to see me and cried every time I left. She wasn’t very smart, but she sure did have a big heart. Penny was a good dog. I can only hope there are a lot of squirrels for her to chase in heaven.


Here is a poem that my mother wrote in remembrance of our late family member:




By Carissa's Mom


It's rare to find a friend like you

Thick & thin, you've seen me through

For fifteen years you've stood by me

Funny & awkward as you could be

Quick when chasing a squirrel up a tree

Your obsession with water is legendary

You have been such a wonderful pet

You're the kind of dog one doesn't forget

You've made me laugh; you've made me cry

Oh how it hurts to say good bye


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