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World Premiere - Becoming Bond

Josh Greenbaum at SXSW

I ran into Josh Greenbaum during a face melting at an Eric Tessmer Band show. That is not an alternative fact. Josh is in town to World Premiere his film Becoming Bond. Not only is he a director, writer, producer, cross-country vagabond, and lover of cheese, he also is a man with great taste in music. He wrote and directed a sweet documentary-esque film about a James Bond actor that not many people give enough recognition.


Becoming Bond blends George Lazenby interviews with re-enactments from a stacked cast of the guy's life story. Lazenby played James Bond in the 1969 Bond flick On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The dude turned down $1 MILLION dollars to play James Bond for 6 films after that, and he had NEVER acted before in his life. Crazy. Check out Becoming Bond in Austin on March 14th at the Austin Convention Center Vimeo Theatre, or March 17th at the Stateside Theatre. I've always been a fan of the Bond movies. My father loved watching them with me and laughing when they ever mentioned an innuendo. I always thought Connery was my favorite bond. After seeing Becoming Bond, I think it's all about Lazenby. George Lazenby.

Check out the trailer and look for Becoming Bond on HULU, May 20th!

Photographic proof of the face melting courtesy of the Eric Tessmer Band. Catch the ETB at SXSW and KLBJ's broadcast 3/18 at Shady Grove!

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If you're attending SXSW Music, I sure hope you'll hang with KLBJ FM at Shady Grove 3/15/18! Live music starts at 3pm every day and the lineup is stacked! Get the details and see some of my most favorite memories of previous SX's by clicking HERE.

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