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Shower Beer Enthusiasts Rejoice

this is some next level enjoyment

Facebook: RecklessKelly

Wondering what to get that friend or family member who's really into Shower Beers this holiday season? Launch Pad + Reckless Kelly Shakoolie + beer = PERFECT SHOWER BEER! Reckless Kelly has come up with the quintessential equation to maximizing your shower beer experience. THANK YOU, RECKLESS KELLY! I expect to see one of these in my stocking in-between all the coal.


Slick McCheese (Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly) sells you on the Reckless Kelly Shakoolie in this high-quality Hollywoodesque produced video. Like you needed any selling to take your shower beer to LEVEL:JEDI. Enjoy responsibly, Merry Kwanzaka, and happy holly-daze.

Check out Reckless Kelly's album 'Sunset Motel', named top 10 Best Essential Album of 2016!

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Had a blast rocking at the 9th Annual Reckless Kelly Celebrity Softball Jam and I hope to see all of you there again next year!

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