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Show Before The Show Ep.34!

American Outlaws In Brazil, Internet Outrage, Why You Should Be Outraged At The Internet, And So Much More!

Show Before The Show Ep. 34 is birthed for your pleasure! Newsman Todd Jeffries, American Outlaw Steve, and my buddy Andrew, sit in on this episode as we wax poetically on the news of the day.

Hear about the American Outlaws experience in Brazil for the World Cup, and the future of the US Men's National Team. Does Title 9 hold us back on the world stage in soccer?

Were you internet outraged by a Texas Tech Cheerleader who hunts wild game and posts it on Facebook? Do you know why you should be outraged at Facebook for using you as test subjects for a psychological profile program? I'm outraged at your outrage, or lack thereof, regardless.

How do you spell my name? It's NOT V-E-T-O... but whatevs.

Listen. Love. Share. Not necessarily in that order.






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